Wellman and Warren’s client, The Gold Refinery (TGR), is one of the lead multi-level marketing companies in the gold business. TGR has been extremely successful both nationwide and internationally by having its independent distributors purchase scrap gold (primarily jewelry) at gold buying parties and expanding its network of distributors. When TGR decided to expand into the state of Hawaii, they formed an alliance with Sam Timas to oversee the distributors and gold parties. The business was quite successful, so much so that Sam Timas, without TGR’s knowledge, decided to form his own company, Aloha Island Gold. Aloha Island Gold and Timas conspired to steal confidential information regarding distributors, gold parties and even had TGR customers allegedly “cancel” TGR parties and turn them into Aloha Island Gold parties. Wellman & Warren filed suit against Timas and Aloha Island Gold in U.S. District Court – Hawaii for misappropriation of trade secrets, tortuous interference with contract, conversion and breach of fiduciary duty, among other things, and has successfully obtained a $1.9 million dollar judgment on behalf of TGR.