Anabella Bonfa, a 1994 graduate of Western State University College of Law and member of Rotary Club of Irvine, received the Rotary International Vocational Service Leadership Award on January 20, 2014.  The award, from Rotary International President Ron L. Burton, recognizes Rotarians who exemplify integrity and high ethical standards in their vocation and in Rotary.  Recipients are honored for using their vocational talents to serve the community and for personally mentoring and teaching others about their chosen profession.

Anabella personally mentors 3 to 7 law students or new attorneys each year, assisting them as they choose a specialty and helping them market their individual talents.  She has written articles and spoken extensively at local law schools, including her alma mater, Western State University College of Law, Chapman Law School and Whittier Law School on the topics of 1) integrity and fairness in practicing law, 2) the need for improving the image of lawyers as a whole, 3) professionalism with other lawyers in the industry, 4) the importance of customer service for lawyers and their role as “advocates” “protectors” and “defenders” of their clients, and 5) the need for mentorship for young lawyers.

Anabella’s article, “12 Tips for Law Students and New Attorneys to become Successful at Legal Marketing” has recently been accepted for publication by The National Jurist, one of the leading national law school publications.