Notable Cases

Licciardi v. MonaVie

An arbitrator has awarded a former MonaVie top distributor $1.2 million, ruling the Utah-based multilevel marketer of nutritional fruit juice breached a contract when it locked out Joseph Licciardi.
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Superior vs. Home Depot

Wellman and Warren (Scott W. Wellman, Stuart Miller, Derek Banducci) represented Superior Properties who had entered into a ground lease with Home Depot to build a Home Depot store.
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Monks v. City of Rancho Palos Verdes

The only victory ever in the State of California of a “Lucas” regulatory taking claim. The case involved owners of 16 residentially zoned lots in Rancho Palos Verdes. The city refused to allow the owners to build on their lots, citing alleged landslide dangers.
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Gammoh v. City of Anaheim

This was a case brought against the City of Anaheim for failure to grant the plaintiff a permit to open his business. It was resolved with the City of Anaheim agreeing to issue the permit and paying the plaintiff $2 million dollars in damages for the improper delay.
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Harper v. Ultimo

In this construction defect case, Wellman & Warren challenged and had the court declare unenforceable a limiting and unfair mandatory arbitration provision contained in a construction agreement. […]

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Pelican Theater v. City of La Habra

In this case, the City of La Habra attempted to close the plaintiff’s business, claiming it was a public nuisance. Wellman &Warren filed a lawsuit on behalf of Pelican Theater, suing the City of La Habra, claiming violation of plaintiff’s First Amendment rights. After 30 days of trial, the City agreed to a settlement resulting in a payment to the plaintiff of $5.2 million dollars.
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Callcom v. WCDI

In this business fraud case involving the sale of pre-paid telephone cards, Wellman & Warren represented the plaintiff, a distributor of telephone cards who sued the telephone card vendor. After a two-week jury trial, the verdict, including punitive damages, was returned in favor of plaintiff in the amount of $4,020,000.
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Lifeforce v. Higbee

In this trade secret and unfair business practices case, Wellman & Warren represented a multi-level marketing company whose distributors were being solicited by a competitor. The case was successfully resolved, with the opposing party agreeing to cease and desist solicitation and pay damages.
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Siderman de Blake v. Republic of Argentina

The first international civil rights case against a sovereign foreign country ever to reach trial in the United States. The case concerned claims for torture and improperly taking the plaintiff’s property in violation of international law. The case went to the United States Supreme Court and twice to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, resulting in a published opinion that is cited today in international law casebooks. (Siderman de Blake v. Republic of Argentina, 965 F.2d. 699 (9th Cir. 1992).) […]

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Bureerong v. Mervyns

This high-profile case concerned a $20 million claim against a large garment manufacturer accused of slave labor practices and other labor law violations. It was alleged that defendant, a garment manufacturer, knowingly allowed Thai immigrant workers to become imprisoned and forced to construct garments for the various defendants.
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