Trump – City Drops $100-Million Lawsuit

RPV — When it comes to Donald Trump and his organization things are rarely done quietly. But in a surprise turn of events, Trump’s organization and the city of Rancho Palos Verdes discreetly dismissed a four-year lawsuit on Tuesday that would have cost the city $100 million had Trump won in court.

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Judge won’t stop ex-MonaVie distributor’s postings

A federal judge on Wednesday turned down Utah-based MonaVie’s request for an emergency order prohibiting a former top distributor from posting information on Facebook about the new multilevel marketing company he has joined.
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OC’s most talked about lawyers – Orange Coast Magazine

Representing aduli nightclubs these days can be a thankless task for First Amendment lawyers, with recent court decisions often going in favor of cities and counties that claim the clubs are magnets for crime and antisocial behavior. But Wellman and Miller last year pulled off a rare victory in a marathon legal battle with the city of La Habra.
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