When most Americans think of the First Amendment, they think of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is one of the United States’ greatest rights, established by our Constitution under the Bill of Rights that we Americans have the liberty to enjoy. The Supreme Court of the United States, through case precedent, has determined that the right of free speech is an important and protected right that every single person should have the guarantee to practice; however, sometimes individuals far exceed the boundaries of free speech. We at Wellman & Warren are here to ensure your protected rights as a business institution when individuals choose to exercise their free speech and go outside those protected boundaries of the law. When your business liberties are infringed upon, we will determine that your equal rights are protected.

We understand the financial impact litigation can take on an organization’s time and resources. As a result, when it comes to first amendment business litigation cases, we utilize our expertise to the best of our knowledge and represent our client’s constitutional rights as quickly and effectively as possible. Whether your business has had an employee that has publicly spoken out against you, you are the subject of a defamation suit, or you are seeking an injunction against protestors of your business, Wellman & Warren are here to determine the merit of your case and protect your business’ legal rights.

We have many years of experience with all aspects of litigation and negotiations, from pre-litigation negotiations, to due diligence and pre-trial discovery, and law and motion practice, to trial practice and appeals. Many times we find that a trial all the way to judgment is not in the best interests of our clients or their finances. It is our expertise that will determine the best fit for your individual case. Not every case and every client is the same and it is our job to find the best outcome for you.