What happens when you have a company from South Korea, with a distributor in Germany and an injured consumer from the United States? Which court has jurisdiction? Which country’s laws will apply? International disputes can be quite complicated, especially in today’s economy where borders have virtually diminished with the advancement of technology. It has become increasingly simple and easy for companies within different countries to conduct business between one another. However, as a result, when a dispute arises the legal questions that surround the dispute are far more complicated.

At Wellman & Warren, our attorneys are experienced in handling complicated international business litigation and dispute resolution matters with thorough backgrounds in conflict of laws, international transactions, and international arbitration. Whether you are a consumer, buyer, or distributor with a claim against a company in a foreign country, we are here to represent your best interests and find the best outcome for all parties involved. Partner Scott W. Wellman specializes in complex business litigation and is an Adjunct Professor of Law at Chapman Law School, where he teaches courses in International Business Litigation.