­It is widely understood that the United States offers a wealth of opportunity for business owners to achieve enormous success. However, sometimes the time arises for your company to seek expansion of direct sales into the international market. Wellman & Warren have vast experience in direct sales marketing law working with multi-level marketing companies (MLM), with both start-ups and multi-million dollar operations. Our firm specializes in international expansion to reach the full benefits of your MLM company. We understand the importance of business opportunities in the international sphere and make it a priority to provide you with the best legal support and professional development to meet your MLM needs.

We understand firsthand the importance of following all federal guidelines and customs of international law. Most importantly, we understand the different cultures and norms of various countries where our clients seek to expand their MLM business. Expanding your company internationally is not just about following the correct legal policies and adhering to another country’s law, but also paying attention to the ethical standards within that international market. Here at Wellman & Warren, we focus on all aspects of your MLM business expansion. In addition, we provide translation services in Spanish to facilitate your MLM business expansion into Mexico and Latin America.

If you are interested in expanding your company into Mexico, we are the multi-level marketing firm for you. Our partner Scott Warren has extensive experience working with PROFECO (the government of Mexico’s Consumer Protection Service), ensuring a smooth transition for all parties involved.