Business Litigation

Wellman & Warren lawyers understand the financial impact that litigation can place on an organization’s financial resources and time. We work closely with our clients to understand and create legal strategies that meet our client’s objectives quickly, effectively and as cost-efficiently as possible. Companies large and small, ranging from multi-million dollar operations to early-stage start-ups, rely on our critical thinking and creative strategies to come to the most beneficial resolution to their disputes. We have many years of experience with all aspects of litigation and negotiations, from pre-litigation negotiations, to due diligence and pre-trial discovery, and law & motion practice, to trial practice and the appeals. Many times we find that a trial all the way to judgment is not in the best interests of our clients or their finances. Our lawyers work closely with the clients to understand the client’s business so that our lawyers are fully prepared to negotiate the best possible resolution to any dispute, including mediation and arbitration. Wellman & Warren lawyers generally staff our cases in the most cost-effective manner, usually with one partner and one associate per case. However, our firm is large enough to ensure that additional lawyers (as well as paralegals) are available if necessary. The goal in any business litigation case is to manage each client’s case as effectively and efficiently as possible to obtain a positive outcome.

Trade Secret/ Anti-Competition Litigation

In today’s competitive business environment, theft of business secrets, distributor lists, and customer lists have become major problems for successful companies. Wellman & Warren regularly seeks court action to protect our clients’ valuable trade information. We work closely with our clients to obtain the appropriate court orders to prevent wrongdoers from misusing the trade secrets, including temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions. Our attorneys have been successful time and again in obtaining court orders preventing these predatory practices and obtaining damages for our clients.

Contract Litigation

Contracts are the fuel on which business runs. They can be great reasons to celebrate but, many times, they result in disagreements concerning the intent, the deal points, or performance requirements. At Wellman & Warren, we have years of experience arguing breach of contract claims on behalf of our clients in a variety of forums, including state courts, federal courts, and arbitration. It is our mission to protect and defend your interests when contract disputes arise.

Business/Corporation/Partnership Disputes

Wellman & Warren lawyers are among the most respected and experienced litigators in resolving corporate disputes between shareholders, board members, officers, and directors, as well as among participants in other business entities such as partnerships and limited liability companies. Our experience includes claims such as breach of fiduciary duty, corporate malfeasance, fraud, and breach of contract. Wellman & Warren lawyers work closely with you to identify the most beneficial resolutions, either by pursuing or defending litigation, or through alternative methods such as mediation and arbitration. Both large and small businesses rely on our expertise and counsel to resolve their disputes.

Unfair Competition

California’s Unfair Competition Law (Business & Professions Code §§ 17200 & 17500 et. seq.) is an area of the law that prevents business entities from conducting themselves in unfair, unlawful, or fraudulent manners. The attorneys of Wellman & Warren specialize in representing parties in litigation arising under California’s Unfair Competition Law and the Consumer Legal Remedies Act (Civ. Code § 1750 et. seq.). Wellman & Warren is one of California’s most pronounced firms in assisting companies, large and small, that are involved in “unfair competition” and false advertising litigation. We are here to assist you in achieving your intended goals through this complex area of law. Wellman & Warren has the necessary resources and expertise to defend large class actions, and to handle smaller matters just as efficiently. Wellman & Warren attorneys also provide services such as advertising and business strategy reviews to minimize the risk of claims under the web of California and federal consumer protection laws, intellectual property laws, tort laws and other laws governing advertising, marketing and competitive business activities. Wellman & Warren has represented clients ranging from small business entities to multi-million-dollar companies. As a result of representing such a wide clientele, Wellman & Warren has established complex expertise that allows our attorneys to devise resourceful and winning strategies while simultaneously being efficient and cost-effective.