Multi-Level Marketing

Wellman & Warren is one of the few law firms in the United States providing full service in Multi-Level Marketing and direct sales.

Wellman & Warren is one of the few law firms in the United States providing full service in Multi-level marketing and direct sales. These network marketing companies range from start-ups to industry-leading multi-million dollar operations. Wellman & Warren’s attorneys work closely with you to ensure that regulatory compliance is observed, thus minimizing the likelihood of future litigation or regulatory scrutiny by federal and state agencies. Wellman & Warren has represented and counseled over 300 multi-level marketing and direct sales companies. Our attorneys regularly form new multi-level marketing and direct sales businesses as well as provide ongoing legal counsel in employment contracts, product labeling, product regulatory compliance, compensation structure, distributor compliance, and international expansion.
Although the United States is one of the best markets in the world for multi-level marketing companies, our clients often see great value in international expansion. Wellman & Warren regularly consults with clients when strategically selecting new markets and territories to enter. Scott Warren and David Van Sambeek have assisted numerous multi-level marketing companies in their international expansion efforts. We have successfully launched multi-level marketing businesses across the globe, including Mexico, Canada, South America, Central America, and Europe. Scott Warren frequently works with PROFECO (the Government of Mexico’s Consumer Protection service) in order to assist clients in obtaining a smooth expansion into Mexico.
Because we regularly litigate multi-level marketing cases, Wellman & Warren is at the forefront of multi-level marketing issues. Wellman & Warren attorneys use their litigation experience to provide you with insight into how the courts will actually interpret and rule upon company or distributor disputes. Their insight often prevents critical missteps when litigation becomes necessary. Whether we are representing a distributor or a company, Wellman & Warren has an outstanding track record litigating cases involving breach of contract, cross-recruiting, interference, non-compete provisions, and defamation.
Wellman & Warren provides various cost-effective packages specifically designed for your start-up or emerging multi-level marketing company. The typical launch package includes:

  • Drafting the Distributor Application
  • Preparing the Company Policies & Procedures
  • Reviewing and Revising the Company Compensation Plan
  • Examining Your Company’s Marketing Materials
  • Filing All Necessary Registrations

Additionally, Wellman & Warren provides ancillary legal assistance, including contract drafting, discounted trademark registration, discount company formation services, and various other counseling assistance in order to give you the best possible chance for success.

Multi Level Marketing