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Most Multilevel Marketing companies claim that their list of distributors is a proprietary asset of the company. When a departing distributor uses the list to solicit other distributors to follow him or her to a new company, the MLM company cries foul ball. Indeed, many MLM companies include in their Policies & Procedures provisions […]

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Licciardi v. MonaVie

An arbitrator has awarded a former MonaVie top distributor $1.2 million, ruling the Utah-based multilevel marketer of nutritional fruit juice breached a contract when it locked out Joseph Licciardi.
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    Judge Rules that Monavie Must Pay a Former Distributor Over $1,200,000

Judge Rules that Monavie Must Pay a Former Distributor Over $1,200,000

In a crushing defeat for MonaVie, an arbitrator in Utah has ruled that MonaVie must pay a former MonaVie distributor $1,215,000 plus cost for wrongfully terminating the distributor’s contract and for breaching its duty to act fair and in good faith.
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MLM Business Litigation

Since our founding in 1982, Wellman & Warren has served as the authority in business litigation matters involving multi-level marketing issues. We specialize in four practice areas that include: cross recruiting, non competition violations, breach of contract and policy and procedure violations.
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International Business Litigation

What happens when you have a company from South Korea, with a distributor in Germany and an injured consumer from the United States? Which court has jurisdiction? Which country’s laws will apply?
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Superior vs. Home Depot

Wellman and Warren (Scott W. Wellman, Stuart Miller, Derek Banducci) represented Superior Properties who had entered into a ground lease with Home Depot to build a Home Depot store.
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Harper v. Ultimo

In this construction defect case, Wellman & Warren challenged and had the court declare unenforceable a limiting and unfair mandatory arbitration provision contained in a construction agreement. […]

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Callcom v. WCDI

In this business fraud case involving the sale of pre-paid telephone cards, Wellman & Warren represented the plaintiff, a distributor of telephone cards who sued the telephone card vendor. After a two-week jury trial, the verdict, including punitive damages, was returned in favor of plaintiff in the amount of $4,020,000.
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Lifeforce v. Higbee

In this trade secret and unfair business practices case, Wellman & Warren represented a multi-level marketing company whose distributors were being solicited by a competitor. The case was successfully resolved, with the opposing party agreeing to cease and desist solicitation and pay damages.
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Bureerong v. Mervyns

This high-profile case concerned a $20 million claim against a large garment manufacturer accused of slave labor practices and other labor law violations. It was alleged that defendant, a garment manufacturer, knowingly allowed Thai immigrant workers to become imprisoned and forced to construct garments for the various defendants.
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