Land Use Litigation

What is Land Use Litigation?

Essentially, land use litigation is used when one is looking to build a property on a piece of land that is located in any given area.
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As the economy improves, development is slowly making a comeback to Orange County. However, the Orange County that developers face today is much different than the developer friendly world that existed for decades through the OC’s golden age of building and development.

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Gammoh v. City of Anaheim

This was a case brought against the City of Anaheim for failure to grant the plaintiff a permit to open his business. It was resolved with the City of Anaheim agreeing to issue the permit and paying the plaintiff $2 million dollars in damages for the improper delay.
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Trump – City Drops $100-Million Lawsuit

RPV — When it comes to Donald Trump and his organization things are rarely done quietly. But in a surprise turn of events, Trump’s organization and the city of Rancho Palos Verdes discreetly dismissed a four-year lawsuit on Tuesday that would have cost the city $100 million had Trump won in court.

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    City of Rancho Palos Verdes liable for taking during moratorium

City of Rancho Palos Verdes liable for taking during moratorium

In Monks, the California Court of Appeal found the City of Ranch Palos Verdes (City) had exacted a permanent taking on a group of land owners seeking to build homes on 16 lots in the Palos Verdes coastal peninsula area by establishing insurmountable conditions for development without a valid justification.
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