Unfair Business Practice


Every state has a law or several laws dealing with the topics of unfair and deceptive trade practices. In addition to the states, the Federal government has also enacted statutes that prevent unfair and deceptive trade practices.
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Lifeforce v. Higbee

In this trade secret and unfair business practices case, Wellman & Warren represented a multi-level marketing company whose distributors were being solicited by a competitor. The case was successfully resolved, with the opposing party agreeing to cease and desist solicitation and pay damages.
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Bureerong v. Mervyns

This high-profile case concerned a $20 million claim against a large garment manufacturer accused of slave labor practices and other labor law violations. It was alleged that defendant, a garment manufacturer, knowingly allowed Thai immigrant workers to become imprisoned and forced to construct garments for the various defendants.
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Federal Trade Commission v. 2by2

This was a case brought by the Federal Trade Commission claiming that Wellman & Warren's multi-level marketing client was operating an illegal pyramid scheme and making improper representations to distributors.
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