About Wellman & Warren LLP

Founded in 1982, Wellman & Warren prides itself on aggressively litigating cases. It has amassed significant victories in complex areas such as land use, traumatic injury, trademark infringement, and international business cases. This includes being the first law firm to bring a foreign county to trial in a United States court, and the first law firm to win a permanent land use taking claim against a city in California. It has recovered more than $100 million for its clients, and its lawyers have been recognized as the “Most Talked About Lawyers” in Orange County.

Its multi-level marketing division has represented more than 350 multi-level marketing companies and distributors. In representing multi-level marketing companies, Wellman & Warren has extensive experience in negotiating resolutions with numerous regulatory agencies including the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Commodities Future Trading Commission and the offices of various state attorney generals. Wellman & Warren is an expert in MLM law.