Although Scott W. Wellman has litigated in both Federal and State courts throughout the country as well as overseas, he can be described has a Californian boy.  He was raised in Southern California and attended UCLA as an undergraduate and its cross-town rival, USC, for his law school and graduate work.  He holds not only a JD in law, but also a Masters Degree in economics.  Over the course of his 35-year career, Scott W. Wellman has achieved tremendous success in his litigation victories including several highly publicized, notable cases.  Such wins include Monks v. City of Rancho Palos Verdes (2008) 167 Cal.App.4th 263, the first successful permanent regulatory taking case in the history of California, Siderman de Blake v. Republic of Argentina 965 F.2d 699 (9th Cir. 1992), the first human rights case against a foreign sovereign brought to trial, Gammoh v. City of La Habra, resulting in a settlement of $5,200,000 for violations of first amendment rights arising from the denial of a land-use permit, and Callcom v. WCDI, a business fraud action resulting in a judgment in excess of $4 million.  Most recently, he prevailed on appeal in Tang v. NBBJ, LP 2014 WL 555163, which involved the death of a toddler who fell from a luxury box during a Laker basketball game.  The case is now proceeding to trial and the court has allowed claims for punitive damages.

In addition to Mr. Wellman’s courtroom successes, he has negotiated successful resolutions for his clients with numerous regulatory agencies including the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities & Exchange Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Labor well as various offices of the states’ attorneys general.

In addition to a vigorous legal practice, Mr. Wellman teaches as an adjunct Professor of Law at Chapman University School of Law, in Orange County, California.  In light of Mr. Wellman’s hard work, he has been recognized locally by several publications, including Orange Coast Magazine, the Los Angeles Daily Journal, and KNBC (channel 4) news.