Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one is the worst experience a family can endure, especially when that loss was the result of another’s negligent behavior. It is often that families become besieged with grief over their loss, unable to determine whether or not to move forward with a lawsuit. However, at times, a lawsuit may be necessary to secure needed future economic support and to assist with issues associated with the loss of the loved one. A wrongful death action can be complicated, as it is a right created only by statute, and therefore, is subject to various statutory restrictions. The proper prosecution of a wrongful death action requires one with the right experience. Wellman & Warren has that experience. We support your position by working closely with you to obtain the best possible resolution to compensate your loss and future economic needs. We understand both the financial and emotional aspects of a wrongful death action. It is our goal to aggressively investigate your claim and to diligently prosecute your rights while providing you with the necessary time to deal with family matters and the grieving process.

Catastrophic Injury

A catastrophic injury is a physical impairment that is severe enough to alter the life of the victim in some way. Many catastrophic injuries result in life-long consequences that prevent the injured person from doing even simple things that we all take for granted. Wellman & Warren have over thirty years of experience in obtaining full compensation for such injuries. Such compensation includes not only amounts for the pain, suffering, and loss of quality of life, but also for the loss of income that one suffers when inflicted with a severe injury. We have successfully obtained personal injury judgments or settlements for our clients aggregating more than $40 million. We believe that the only way to obtain full compensation for an injury is to aggressively prosecute your claim, and it is our personal obligation to vigilantly fight for your rights to ensure the justice you deserve.