20160330_180913Attorney Anabella Bonfa was chosen out of 14 Orange County finalists to win the prestigious Connected Women of Influence Award for “2016 Women’s Advocate of the Year” for her work mentoring both law students and young lawyers.    The award is given to one individual who has a long track record of acting as a mentor to women in her profession and for teaching high ethical standards in her given profession.  Ms. Bonfa has mentored law students and new lawyers from Western State University College of Law, Chapman Fowler School of Law, UC Irvine and Whittier Law School for more than 15 years.  She is also a frequent speaker at local law schools regarding integrity in the law, client management, discovery practice and networking/social media skills.  She received recommendations from multiple law schools and numerous mentees she had mentored over the years to receive the award.


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