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Wellman & Warren was founded in 1982, and since that time has built a nationally recognized Multi Level Marketing and Business Litigation law practice in a wide spectrum of areas including transactional, corporate, and regulatory.

Wellman & Warren Successfully Defend Client Against the Securities Exchange Commission

Chris Wellman of Wellman & Warren defended Mining Capital Coin International Inc. (“MCC”) and its members against the Securities Exchange Commission (“SEC”). In this litigation, the SEC claimed that MCC and its members were operating a business in violation of securities laws. After a year of defending MCC, the SEC concluded they would not be [...]

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Is Use of Facebook a Violation of My Non-Solicitation Clause?

It’s often the case that a distributor departs to a new multi-level marketing (“MLM”) company because he or she sees a greater opportunity. It’s also often that distributors use social media as a marketing tool to promote their business – whether it be with the former company or the new company.A question that I’m routinely [...]

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Use of Provisions to Limit a MLM Distributor’s Claim for Damages

When a distributor is terminated by his or her MLM company, he or she may claim breach of contract and seek recovery of his or her past and future commissions. After all, the distributor may have worked for months or years to build up his or her downline only to have its income stream summarily [...]

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A New Legal Weapon For Your MLM Company

Most Multi-level Marketing companies claim that their list of distributors is a proprietary asset of the company. When a departing distributor uses the list to solicit other distributors to follow him or her to a new company, the MLM company cries foul ball. Indeed, many MLM companies include in their Policies & Procedures provisions acknowledging [...]

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Wellman & Warren defends FTC investigation of MLM Company

Wellman & Warren, LLP has, once again, successfully defended a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation of a Multi-Level Marketing company. Due to the private and confidential nature of the investigation, Wellman & Warren is not able to disclose the names of parties involved in the investigation. The FTC's investigation centered around the methods in which [...]

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Litigator Anabella Bonfa of Wellman & Warren wins the 2016 Women’s Advocate of the Year Award

Attorney Anabella Bonfa was chosen out of 14 Orange County finalists to win the prestigious Connected Women of Influence Award for “2016 Women’s Advocate of the Year” for her work mentoring both law students and young lawyers.    The award is given to one individual who has a long track record of acting as a mentor [...]

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